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My Minolta crash

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My Minolta crash

Post Tue Dec 20, 2005 1:29 pm

My Minolta Maxuum 7000 camera just died :( looking for another Maxuum can my 7000 lens fit on all Minolta Maxuum series camera's and should like upgrade to newer model or is there not much differance other than age between them all in Maxuum line
Thanks everyone for information :D

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Post Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:54 pm

Big difference, get a Maxxum 7. Very advanced over the 7000

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Post Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:40 pm

I think the lenses will still work on the new digital cameras too, but don't hold me to that. :wink: I've had the Maxxium 7xi, and it's a really nice camera and you should be able to use the lenses with it also. I'd go into a local store and check it out first tho', (In my humble opinion) just to be safe. :wink:

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Post Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:51 am


Yes, your Maxxum 7000 lenses will work on any Maxxum (and now Sony Alpha 100) camera. HOWEVER, on the latest models such as the 7, the lenses will not work at providing the flash/s with ADI (or Advanced Distance Integration) information during flash photography. This is of no terribly great importance, but you should know anyway.

There have been some noticable improvements in camera performance since the 7000, of which the best are in terms of user interface. (The Maxxum 7 is argueably(sp?) the most advanced 35mm SLR ever made by any company.) As another person stated, the 7xi is a good camera. However, the "i" and "xi" series cameras (which are excellent) are not as capable as the later "si" and later models because those no longer required (except in a very limited way the 700si & 800si) the use of Creative Expansion Cards. The software/utility of those accessories ended up being simply built into these later camera bodies as standard features and capabilities.

In the short run, any later version of a Minolta Maxxum camera that you buy (that is the equal to the 7000 in terms of features) you will find is simply a nicer camera that your older 7000. I have Maxxums that span from the 7000 to the 7, and I love them all. My Maxxum 7 I use basically for my best indoor studio work, but I have also got some very impressive lightning pics. from my 7000 only a couple of years ago. If you have always been very pleased with your 7000, then simply get another. There are tons of them out there and at low prices.

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