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Post Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:27 pm

Hi, I decided to post here, as the people here seem knowledgable.

I bought a Praktica Super TL earlier today, as I've wanted to get into Film Photography for a while.

Having worked as a graphic designer, I find Digital Photography an 'impure' process (I've lost count at how many models I've airsprayed etc).

However I know nothing about film photography (but very willing to learn).

The camera I bought cost me £10 (at a car boot sale) so I thought it might be a start, however I've noticed a few thinsg wrong with it.

1. The Battery cover is stuck. Its one of those (very annoying) coin slot varities, however the edge is worn.

Any ideas how to get it off?

2. Inside by the shutter there are 6 tiny screws missing. 4 to hold the plate in place and 2 to hold the film canister shield in place.

Any ideas where I can those?

Other then that the camera is in very good condition.

Final Question.......... anyone know of a site where I can learn all these TTL, TL, SSR acronyms. I might actually understand whats being said then ;)

Many thanks


Board index Equipment Film Cameras Hi.....

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