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Inventing New Cameras

Post Tue Sep 05, 2006 8:09 am

Does any one know if there job as a Camera Manufacturer. Because i would be interested in it. I want to get my diploma in Photography you think that would help to get in. I am just finishing yr 12 and love to get into photography.

Any back to my point I want to in the future make my own cameras. I want to make those vintage old cameras like a
Kodak Eastman Folding Camera or a Box camera and any old cameras from the era 1900s-1950s into a digital format. There is going to be a screen of course and all of the orginal parts on the old cameras will be on the cameras. The buttons will be on the camera as the same as the old cameras. Which you would press to set your settings like your aperature or shutter speed and other parts that depends on the camera. But it on the buttons it will have nothing except the words for the settings like for example: The words indicating Shutter Speed so u know this button is for shutter speed. But it will say nothing for the settings it says nothing on the buttons. It will say the settings on the screen instead. So for example if you choose a shutter speed like 60 it will say 60 shutter speed on the screen. Not on the buttons because it is digital. About every camera will be different like the buttons the settings and of course the looks of the camera. Because different old cameras like through the years are different because I want to create the sense of old cameras and playing with these old cameras like they were in those times of taking photos. And transform them into a screen and digital. I might even make the lense automatic. I want to bring those old cameras back to life again so they can live once again in today.
Can anyone think of how can i make these for example i would like to make a Kodak Eastman Folding Camera as my first project. It will be so cool. It would be cool if they sold to shops like camera shops. If they decided to buy them. And the cameras will sell cheap like $60-$100 i would sell them for. This is so exsiting I can't wait. I just can't do it straight away because I am doing year 12 at the moment and I have to finish my work and do my exams so I can get into Tafe or Photography College. And do a course in Photography I want to get my diploma in Photography. But I should start next year trying to make them because there won't be as much pressure on me. I am doing them for photography and the cameras as a interests not to make money. I will keep them untill i can make more of them. And plus I need to save up for materials.

Everyone please post back so to let me know what you guys think and steps on how to make these cameras because i have no idea.
thank u :wink: :?:
Australia :lol:

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Post Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:02 am

Yes. Or maybe No.

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