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Post Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:34 pm

My dad passed away and I found a Mamyia/sekor 1000 DTL camera in his things. I have no need for it and was wondering if it is still used by anyone and if so, what it might be worth. It has a 1:1.4 55mm Mamyia lens on it and there is also a Vivitar automatic Tele Converter and a Vivitar 135mm 1:2.8 auto telephoto lens and a separate flash attachment. The camera and lens all look to be in very good condition.

Can someone direct me to a site where I might find out more?

Thanks in advance


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My first SLR was a Mamiya Sekor 500DTL

Post Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:29 am

the meter failed on it (common with those cameras) in the late 70's and I didn't buy another SLR for several years. Last summer I bought a Mamiya Sekor 1000DTL with 55 f/1.4 lens, three extension tubes, a Vivtar doubler and the field case and instruction manual for less than fifty bucks on ebay. It needed new light seals and the lens was very stiff focusing, but that's about the price of your camera and lens.

Here's a web site with information on old Mamiya gear

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