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My new to me lightmeter..

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:17 pm
by flyboy
A Gossen Lunasix 3, got off da'Bay for less than $20. Near mint, and the needle zero function works exactly. The 1.35v. batteries that came with it were dead as last week's mackrel. I replaced them with a set of 1.5v that was all my local battery mart had that would fit. Works, but reads high on the battery check position, and indicates about 4 stops high when compared with my Nikon's meter. I have a set of 1.35 batteries coming, and will try them. I see one fellow offering repair and recalibration for my meter, for ~$35. If successful, I will have a working meter for ~$55. So, I will see what the new batteries do when installed with the adapter that came with the meter, and see if that results in usable readings. Not much of a loss, if not, and I'm thinking now perhaps just forget it and save my money for a newer Sekonic 308 Flash/reflected/incident/ meter. What say? Any advice or wise counsel?