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Best Point & Shoot for Concerts/Night Pics

PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:14 pm
by tantrum4

Newbie here, I'm not a professional photographer or anything, but I do go to a lot of rock concerts and like to take pictures. I usually have really great seats up close but when I try to take pics with my Kodak Easyshare C875 point and shoot, they are always dark or blury. I've seen other people beside me take pictures and they all come out great. So I'm wondering if you guys know what is the best point and shoot camera for these types of events? I've heard the Fuji FinePix F30 was the best, but they are hard to find nowadays. Is the F40, F50 or F100 comparable to the F30 for low light shots? My budget is around $300.....

Any help is appreciated

Re: Best Point & Shoot for Concerts/Night Pics

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:45 am
by dwightysugioka
I recomend the Canon A590I.

I did a friend Concert with it
Check it out