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Water marking images

Post Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:40 pm

Every where I read, many are saying that placing a water mark on your images is the best way of protecting your images from copy right infringements. Well I have done that on some of my images in Photo shop, but also I have taken those marks off in Photo shop by cloning. If a person or persons steals your image or images what is to stop them from cloning the water mark image out of your photo and then using the photo for financial gain? if I can clone it out why can't some one else. Is there a better way to protect your images or a fool proof way of watermarking the image?

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Re: Water marking images

Post Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:58 pm

Hi John,
You're right, water marks can be removed. The best protection is to post small size photos no larger than 800px max, to minimize printing size (which you're doing). They might get an 8X10 from it, but the quality probably won't be good enough for sales.

*You can add "right click disable" to every image if you want, but in reality, it's another false sense of security. All photos are loaded into computer memory when viewed, so it's already copied anyway. Not to mention doing a "screen shot."

If you're concerned about web use, try "Tineye Image Tracking" which is free:
You'll find the photo will be removed quickly when they receive a bill, or you contact their hosting provider. :wink:

*Add code with your email change to the tech notes of each image, and click update.
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<BODY onContextMenu='alert("Thanks for viewing my gallery, but these images are copyrighted. To inquire about usage, please send an email to");return false;'>

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