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how to repel search engines

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:59 pm
by jcdouglass
I was appalled to find that when I Googled a hotel in the Caribbean where I had taken pictures and put them on my pbase page, that it was the first hit!
My pictures are family pictures and I dont want them to be that easily found. Though I dont want to make all of my pbase pages password protected or private, as my classmates, family, and relatives would like to view them easily.

How to keep the search engines away is my concern. I do it with keywords on my own web site, but how would you do this with pbase? Is there a setting that I havent found? Please let us know how to do this, as I have friends and classmates asking me the same thing, as we post our photoshop classwork on pbase too. I will pass this info along to them, so that they can protect their pbase pages also.

Thank you,