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Changing File folders in camera

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Changing File folders in camera

Post Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:52 pm

Got a Canon A490 from friend, took SD card from my A570 & put it in A490 and took a picture to test A490. Put back in A570 and folder number changed from 124 to 129 when I took next picture with A570. When I download to computer I have duplicate image numbers on my computer file, since it doesn't show folder numbers only image numbers. If I put a new sd card in the A570 will that revert back to file folder 124 or still stay at 129? Any ideas most appreciated.


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Re: Changing File folders in camera

Post Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:46 pm

I can't offer any direct help, but wanted to point out that my impression has been that it is not a good idea to transfer partially used cards between different models. Even among the same brand, there has been a proliferation of "features" as newer models come out and there is no easy way to tell what is dependent on the actual card as opposed to stored in the camera itself. My latest two Canons, an Elph 115HS and a Gi5, can configure to do continuous indexing, or reset the index for each new folder. And the camera has a choice of opening a new folder either every month, or every day. In a quick look through the manuals for the models I have, they don't seem to offer any guidance on card switching.

I suspect things are more standardized today, but years back it was generally recommended to format the memory card in the specific camera before using it (and I still do). I think in some earlier cameras, a non-empty card would be searched and the indexing restarted from the last image file found, but I don't think that was or is at all universal. That was part of the reason for starting with a clean slate. I suppose you could look at the card via a card reader on a computer and try to find those last test images and their folder and delete the files and folder. Though again, as I recall, there have occasionally (at least in the past) been problems altering cards via computer and returning them to use in a camera, as computer operating systems may like to tweak parts of directory structures which may or may not exist in the camera OS.

With the dirt cheap price of cards today, I would stick an unused one in anything I wanted to test. And in your present situation I would switch to a new card, or archive the files from the one you've been using and format it to clean it out before reusing.

My 1.3 (after tax) cents,

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