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creative photography with colored gels

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:45 am
by souleye
If you’re artistically inclined and all you have is a camera, there’s almost an infinite palette of expression. of course, when you sit at the computer with photoshop, with the right skills, the sky is the limit. but oft forgotten are the possibilities of using the camera creatively to get unusual and sometimes surprisingly beautiful pictures. you can use unusual lighting and angles, use the depth of field to create very interesting blur in the background, but sometimes you can also use filters. there are two main types of filters: filters that you attach to the lens and filters that you attach to the light source. when it comes to color filters, though lens filters are more popular, light filters offer more control, hence more creative leeway. if you would attach a red filter to a lens, the whole image would be uniformly red. if you have 3 light sources, you could arrange to outfit each with a different color filter or any combination that suits your style. from the perspective of color composition, it’s an interesting field for experimentation.

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