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Mac OS to Canon iX4000 printing Question

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:37 am
by crisscross
thought I had tamed printing, from PowerBook/OS10.4.11 to newish Canon iX4000....but exactly same files and near as poss same settings from MacBook pro/10.5.4 produce washed out versions needing approx 20% increase in 'intensity' slider to correct and borderless printing isn't.

Very difficult to work out what comes from OS and what comes from printer driver (4.8.3), but they don't seem to be talking the same language.

Have tried Apple discussions, getting rid of other 5000 other printer drivers and minor tweaks all to no avail. At present sticking an ethernet cable through and printing files on MacBook from PowerBook, but would like the desk space back and preserve PowerBook for when I need Classic. NB not talking about comparing what appears on screen with print, just printing identical file from identical software but different computers and OS.

Anyone have any suggestions?

PS I normally print direct from .nef in Nikon Capture NX2; tried converting to .tif and printing from PSE4 & DPP with marginally worse results.