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Custom Print and Frame is ready.

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Custom Print and Frame is ready.

Post Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:57 pm

Our Custom Framing service is ready to process your orders.
This is the same high quality you get if you take a print to a local frame shop.
We currently have a choice of over 200 frame mouldings, and a wide variety of mat colors.

Emily and Chris have been working non-stop for the last few months on the framing configuration system and it's looking really nice.

We're still considering this feature to be in Beta mode as we increase the volume, but it's fully functional and ready to configure frames and have them built and shipped to you.

We're hoping to have the print-only service ready in a few weeks.

The configurator is a lot of fun to play with, and we hope you'll want to order something for your walls. We have ordered several ourselves and the finished products look really good.

Meanwhile, we'll be working on Phase II which will give you the option of making your photos available for anyone to order. You'll of course be able to set pricing and only allow certain photos or galleries to be printable.

To get started, login, and go to
This will activate your account and you'll see a "purchase this image" link at the very bottom of any of your image pages.
This link is a temporary location and we're working on a more elegant location.
Click the "purchase this image" link, and continue by clicking on "See it Framed" which takes you to the frame configurator.

Please feel free to ask questions or learn more in the new forum we've created for printing and framing at

Hope you enjoy this new feature.

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