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PBase Magazine Issue #11 is LIVE

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PBase Magazine Issue #11 is LIVE

Post Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:48 pm

Hi folks,
we just released Issue #11 of the PBase Magazine. Apologies for the delay - life got a bit hectic the past few months!

Download it from

Anna Pagnacco is the featured PBase photog of the month along with a host of other articles.


The PBase Mag team

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Re: PBase Magazine Issue #11 is LIVE

Post Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:59 pm

magazine wrote:Apologies for the delay - life got a bit hectic the past few months!

ItÅ› happenning all over the globe. Congratulations!
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Post Wed Oct 24, 2007 3:26 am

Great job again Arjun and the rest of the team. It is really amazing that a volunteer effort like this can consistently produce work that can rival professional magazine any day! My hats off to you guys and gals.

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Post Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:41 am

srijith wrote:Great job again Arjun and the rest of the team. It is really amazing that a volunteer effort like this can consistently produce work that can rival professional magazine any day! My hats off to you guys and gals.

Actually, it's a more interesting magazine than the photography ones I've
browsed at newsstands.

The layout choices are beautiful, including the color differentiation of
Q and A, of comment and main text, etc. Very easy on the eyes, which
is NOT usually the case with pdf publications.

Re the article on Anna Pagnacco, I browse pbase a lot and have
never come across hers for some reason. Very interesting article.

While she does the currently popular extreme saturation of colors,
I really like her choices and when or on what she chooses to use them.
Beautiful stuff.

I liked her comment on taking photos of people with a long lens
because people tend to be less aware of the camera and the examples
show how effect that is, with her. Very direct.

As for her disdain for "point & click flat shots" when not waiting for the
right light, I have to say that some of us when traveling cannot afford
to wait for it. But that was the only negative I saw

Really enjoyed the Watermark Droplets article by Dave Seeram - the
steps are very clearly explained.

Also useful are the Photoshop Actions for various frame displays in
galleries, by Mike Warren.

Great advice on reflectors and lighting from Joe Demb, though that
stuff is out of my range, but that 'Baby and Brother' shot was wonderful.
I'm a sucker for shots like that.

The pictures and text of Yuri Pautov's 'Russia' are great to have, and
again your layout work is just fantastic.

Norman Rich's advice on light and color and all the other things he
thinks about when taking a picture are really great advice for people
like me. Beautiful work too.

And that 'parting shot' (the photo one) was fun. Can't believe you
spent all that time in those places without your camera (with which
one can certainly be 'in the moment' as well but I know what you
mean) and it can be freeing not thinking about 'capturing' something
but just enjoying it.

Thanks much for this truly fantastic job you guys do, for us.

I haven't made a contribution for awhile nor gone to ye olde shoppe
but will soon.

Folks: This great magazine is free. But if you want to help,

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Post Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:38 pm

Hey thanks folks - appreciate the feedback as usual.

Andrys, nice of you to take the time to comment on specific articles.

Responding to the articles you talked about:

Yes, I personally think Anna is really fabulous. Interviewing her was on our 'todo' list for quite a while. With respect to the layout, I like it too, but once in a while, we get requests for a one column layout since it makes reading on the computer easier. It is just that I personally feel single column layouts don't look so 'professional' :)

Dave Seeram is one really enthusiastic guy - I always welcome folks who write quality stuff to be regular contributors. Not too many have the time to really contribute, so I really think those who do, deserve a lot of credit. I'll pass on your comment to Dave. Mike W is a pretty well known persona in the DPR retouching forum - so glad to have him there too.

I've got to tell you, the Demb DFD has done wonders to my photography with a flash. If you have seen Ved's gallery of late (you have the password), all his photos these days are taken with the flash+DFD mounted - I think it does a great job - makes low light photography very convenient.

Speaking of Andrew & Yuri, I thought it was one of the most innovative articles in a long time. I so loved their idea to have a conversation between two friends! Infact, when Wanda and I were going through the proof-reading edits, we almost decided not to correct any typos/errors to keep it sounding authentic (you know, staccato phrasing at parts).

I'm glad we got Norman to write an article - we've been wanting to do that for a while - he is always on travel. Infact, he got this article out just in time - he was on a long travel, if I remember right, to Alaska.

And of-course, parting shots with Eric the enthusiastic. What a surprise to meet him in London, of all places, and that too , confusing the hotel!

As far as my own travels go, I think I should really consider buying another small P&S. I currently own a Canon A60 P&S - for some reason, I just don't like its image quality - I find it too noisy.


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Post Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:11 am

Thanks to all of you for creating this fantastic magazine, I really enjoy it! I am a big fan of Cesar Fernandez photography and it was great to read his article!

Thanks for the amazing effort, it is truly appreciated!


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