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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:15 pm

very cool feature, nice job

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:40 pm

there is a problem with satellite view that doesnot work very well since 2 days. ( not available very very frequently )

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Sun May 04, 2008 1:27 pm

ckirby wrote:Hello all, PBase Maps is finally here! However, it is still in the beta stage because there are still some features we want to add before we link to it all over the place. This is where you guys come in! Test it out, let us know what you dislike, what you would like added, and most importantly any bugs or weird behaviour. If you do have a bug, post your operating system, internet connection speed, and browser you were using.

Here are some features we plan on adding:
- mouse over clusters to see how many images are there
- large size of image displayed when you click the photo (rather than taking you to the image page, the link below the image would still do that)
- gallery tour option, this would be very similar to the gallery slideshow except it would use the map to show the route the photographer took when he/she shot the gallery
- when showing images from a gallery have an option for showing images from subgalleries as well
- gallery navigation for someone's gallery besides your own
- a "link this page" link that provides you with a url of the map you are looking at (interacting with PBase Maps doesn't cause page reloads so the address bar doesn't necessarily represent the map at which you are looking)
- support for (would be the same as going to while logged in and clicking the 'Geotag your photos' link)
- support for (like above only then clicking on a gallery afterward)
- automatically take gps data from exif to geotag your images when you upload them

If you guys can give me some good feed back I will try to maintain this list by adding and marking off features.

Hello PBase, its been almost two months since you introduced this new Beta feature. Are you done? Seems like there are still many quarks and aspects not yet implemented. It will be a great feature when completed.

I've purchased and started using a Gisteq GPS logger just so I can use this feature. But logged-in guests still can't view the mapping for my password protected galleries. Yesterday I created a gallery that isn't password protected but when I log out of my account and take a look I still get the "No Locations Found" message on the map. When I'm logged into my account it seems to work OK, although it can occasionally be slow or unresponsive.

Thanks. Looking forward to some answers and this feature getting completed.

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Fri May 09, 2008 12:03 pm

I'm loving this! Great addition thanks.

Enhancements that I would love to see;

1) A timeline -when you have multiple pictures at the same location (your home for example) it would be great to filter this by date, ie go back in time!!
2) tagging a gallery at a time would be great - I unerstand the concern - but If I have a whole gallery taken inside one building it is tedious to go through one by one

keep up the good work

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Tue May 13, 2008 6:04 am

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Tue May 13, 2008 7:32 am

pingupingu wrote:there is a problem with satellite view that doesnot work very well since 2 days. ( not available very very frequently )

I noticed that too, but it is also the case with Google Maps itself, so out of control for Pbase I guess... :(

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Wed May 28, 2008 12:47 pm

What about image rights? I see the word 'Google' and shirk in horror. What's the deal with copyright etc..?

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Re: PBase Maps Beta

Post Wed May 28, 2008 10:10 pm

barking_mad wrote:What about image rights? I see the word 'Google' and shirk in horror. What's the deal with copyright etc..?

As far as I'm aware... If you post on the web, all search engines have access your work. But you're not giving permission for use, though it can be subject to indexing. If you use special services, each carries different terms of service. So basically, If you don't like the "TOS", don't use the service.

If you don't want something indexed, then you need to "opt out". Opting out can include all pages, or just some within a site. Indexing and TOS for each service can be found using the search engine it's related too. Google, for example, has a tremendous amount of info you can find by searching for "webmaster tools". Note though, since Pbase Subscribers aren't able to claim Pbase galleries as owned by them , there's many tools we can't use. Hopefully, at some point this will be fixed so we can validate ownership of our sites.

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Re: Re:

Post Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:16 am

ckirby wrote:careysb: <snip>
Slug just recently added the 'view map' link on the image pages and that link is intended to take you to pbase maps with the map centered on that image, at the zoom level it was saved at, and with the map type it was saved with.

after the recently added features, this no longer seems to work... Some of the world-wide image locations come up (it seems to zoom to the level needed to capture the world-wide tagged photos), and the user now needs to click on the one "map pin" that is linked to the image (in red, single photo is indicated), and yet another click to get to the map's "default" zoom....

If that pin is not selected, or if the user uses the zoom, the marker for the selected image disappears, and the pin changes to reflect the number of images at that general location, requiring the user to go back to the image gallery to start over if they don't want to scroll through all of the thumbnails for the region...

I've been playing with this image - same holds for many others that were tagged after Apr 26,2008



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