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Read This Before You Post A Question!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:06 am
by srijith
Please direct all account related issue emails to and general issue emails to and not to slug or emily's personal email accounts.

This is "Questions and Answers", where you can ask questions regarding working of any feature of pbase, bring to attention any problem with PBase or discuss problems you may be facing with working with PBase. Until (if) another separate forum is opened for questions on general photography related issues like "copyright" etc, they can be posted here as well.

Help keep the forum clean by following these guidelines:

(*) Check the "Help" page for answers to your questions. Most of your questions would have been already answered.

(*) A lot of questions have already been answered in the forum. Search for an answer to your question in the forum.

(*) Please provide as much details as you can if you are pointing out some problems associated with PBase.

A typical to-include-details list would be:
- URL of specific page or image that is misbehaving.
- What OS are you using (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Linux) ?
- Which browser (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera) ?
- What have you tried - reloading, restarting browser, rebooting machine etc.?
- Is the problem just today or for several days?
- Do you use any personal firewall on your machine? (Default Zone Alarm settings have been know to cause problems with big sized images hosted on Pbase. )
- Do you use any webaccelators?