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Re: Hello PBasers!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:20 pm
by akmc_in_au
digitalgee wrote:So, Cami posts in November, and eventually gets quite a few responses, and never follows up. I'm back on Pbase after a long absence and I'm beginning to remember why I left.

She was here for a metaphorical 5 minutes and as far as anyone can tell she's long since gone. (With rather less fanfare or indeed notification than she came in with.) Indeed by all appearances she had departed before most of the responses in this thread had been posted, so in that sense she can't be blamed for not replying to them, to be fair.

Beyond that you haven't missed much, depending on when you left. Geotagging now works, if you are looking at your own images while you're logged on, not so much otherwise. The Alexa ranking of PBase is continuing to track downwards at the rate of a few thousand places every few months. The number of photos posted year on year continues to decline by about 20% annually, and hits which aren't generated by PBase friends and/or queries on the camera database seem to have fallen off a cliff. (Except for photos that are very much niche items and were indexed by the search engines years ago. Or at least, that's my experience.)

And, aaaaaah... that's about it, really.

But the core functionality of the site is still running, you still have more control over the way your photos are displayed than you have on most sites (via CSS), and you still have hierarchical galleries, which you don't get on most sites.

So a bunch of people are still hanging in here, but the stats (notably the posting rates) suggest that it's an ever-shrinking bunch. (It could of course be that the same number of members are posting fewer shots, (and therefore providing the site with the same amount of revenue)... but there's no evidence to support that. And we know what happens when something sheds enough mass.)

Re: Hello PBasers!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:29 am
by expressionunlimited