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downloading photos in a logical way

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downloading photos in a logical way

Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:47 pm

My wife wanted me to copy all of my pbase photos to google photos where she keeps all of our family photos. I asked pbase for help and they provided me with a zip file with 2,732 pictures in it but, when I uploaded these to google photos, only 882 of these were stored with older dates and the other 1,850 all were dated October 19, 2021 which is the date that I unzipped the pbase file and uploaded it to google photos.

Of the 882 that were stored with an older date, I noticed that the dates didn't always jive with the gallery title (I always put dates in my gallery title) but, instead, appeared to jive with the date I had uploaded them to pbase (or maybe the date the photos were unloaded from a camera or phone),

So, what I'd like to be able to do is delete all of these photos from google photos and start again. I've already done that with the ones dated October 19, 2021 but will have to spend a bit of time doing so with the other ones.

After I've done that, I'd like to download photos from pbase on a gallery by gallery basis, change the dates on the photos to match the dates I'd put in the gallery names and then upload those to google photos. I'm wondering if there is a way to do this.

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Re: downloading photos in a logical way

Post Tue Oct 26, 2021 6:02 pm

That is probably not a trivial coding project. There have been attempts to do this via a program, but the most current one seems to not work. I actually started work on a software program many years ago, but got distracted by work that actually paid me to do it. What I ending up doing was creating a local set of folders that more or less represent the galleries I have on Pbase. This sort of works, but naturally lots of information like location and notes are not included. So I am currently adding more information in the titles of the images and also uploading to Instagram. I think (but not certain) Instagram will survive me and Pbase - but who knows, eh?

Bottom-line, no online system is guaranteed to last, especially given the changing nature of the world economy. I am now thinking of creating a simple html site locally with all the data and back that up. That way it should survive me and not cost anything aside from the backup device which as long as I am alive I will have to keep up-to-date. Good luck, I do hope someone here (only a few of us remain who actually read the forums) will have a better idea. Gosh darn it, I do hope so.

So, I just did a quick search and found this program what resides on GitHub which is where most of us geeky developers upload their code. You might give it a go. This is how I started developing my own program. The concept is web scraping. If a program can scrape a website and see the html then a program can transform that data into some other form and store that form in some local location. And with the correct web service and credentials it can stuff that data online.

Full disclosure: I have not tried this code and as always download and use at your own risk.

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