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Why Should I?

Post Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:00 am

I stopped using Pbase a little over 2 years ago and was thinking about coming back, now that I've got a slew of new photos and am back on high speed internet. But I've been looking over the forums and I'm just not sure they're giving me a reason. The sticky for PBase improvements that's intended to keep us updated on changes is actually dated 2006! Four years ago, are they kidding? So, PBase, I'm asking an administrator, moderator or someone who actually belongs to the 'company' to tell me... where is my motivation to spend 23 bucks to come back?
Can I delete an old gallery quickly and all at once?
Are forum abusers being encouraged to mellow out a little? (Incidentally, I do think the friend/foe option, which wasn't there when last I was, is excellent, so Kudos for that, at least)
Are any of the suggestions I see in the 'feature requests' forum actually being addressed?

I suppose, administrators, that if I don't receive a response, that'll be my answer, but it's a shame, as I find this website easier to use and less intrusive than the alternatives. At least here I won't find someone 'stealing' my photo to put on a mug without any compensation or even permission on my part. I'd really like to come back...
...but where is the money from all your users actually going??

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Re: Why Should I? Don't until Pbase solves its privacy issues

Post Tue May 03, 2011 2:45 pm

A warning to all Pbase users : PBase has been posting photos to my public profile page which are marked "private" (i.e. are in a password protected gallery or marked as non-public at the gallery level or the image level). This has been the case not only for galleries marked private but for the relevant sub-galleries which should also be private. Pbase has been working with me on this issue for about a week and has still been unable to solve it -- I still have photos of my family and children which are marked private appearing publicly on the web under my name. I urge you all to look into this issue if you care about privacy -- to see which randomly generated photos Pbase puts on your profile (which first requires logging out).

I have used Pbase for many years and am frankly stunned at how unhelpful they have been in solving this problem, and how unapologetic that my private images are splashed all over the internet.

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