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Edit button for comments

Post Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:25 am

I first requested this in July 2006 others before me :(
But wouldn't it be be nice to have a edit button so we edit or delete our comments after posting and possibly save offending someone or embarrasing ourselves with silly spelling mistakes.
Thank you
Regards Bob

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Re: Edit button for comments

Post Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:09 pm

Hi Robert
When I first came upon PBase, or it came upon me...back in 2004...we had a limited amount of time (I forget how much-but not much) to edit our comments, just a few minutes at most. Most people used it for the reasons you stated, to correct spelling or grammatical errors. There is something to be said for being careful of what a person says, but my thinking was that it was kind of nice for those of us who have problems with "i" before "e" except after "c" and I'm always mistakenly hitting "f" instead of "t" when writing 'if' or 'it' which is very confusing to normal people. I've looked at a couple of comments I've made, and wondered what language I made them in. Five minutes, or even a couple would help. I don't believe in too long of a time. There are a very few people who could use a long period of editing time to do nasty stuff, and then deny it (after changing it). Don't know why Pbase eliminated this function, maybe an administrator or Emily could tell us.
Best regards.

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