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Voting For Galleries and Photos

Post Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:45 pm

Have you noticed something?

The same people have their work in the top of the popular galleries...over and over again. There's really nothing wrong with that if their work is truly extraordinary.

Some people's works are awesome and they deserve to be in the top. I just think that not all of them deserve to be there. I think that some galleries are in the top of the popular galleries because of friends' support rather than actual merit.

So here's my proposal...and I invite other members to chime in if they have a better idea.

Just like in Model Mayhem...

a paid pbase subscriber has a daily allocation of 3 votes for galleries and 3 votes for photos. That total will not roll over to the next day if not used...i.e....if you don't use it you lose it.


better yet...

since a gallery stays on for 7 days in the popular galleries list...make it more strict...make it a weekly allocation of 3 votes for galleries...and maybe 10 votes for photos...

Danny :)

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Re: Voting For Galleries and Photos

Post Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:57 pm

Hey Danny,

Yes, the popular pages end up reinforcing themselves. People go there to look for nice photos and end up voting on what's already been voted on. Then they go to a couple of other galleries from that photographer and vote on those as well.

Figuring out the best way to get new images up there is difficult because the best solution is for people to go all around PBase really seeking out good photography and voting for it whenever they find it. We will definitely ponder solutions to this. If anybody has any clever ideas for increasing voting all around, post your idea here. We'll take a look and see what we can come up with.

Thanks for the input.

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Re: Voting For Galleries and Photos

Post Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:39 pm

I comment on and vote for a lot of photos. Not so much galleries. I do not like the idea of having the number of votes restricted. This would only benefit photos already in the popular pages because as far as I can tell, with a few exceptions, the present system already works. So people are going to see the better photos there and vote for them. I also don't want it become a big chore to pick out what I consider the best of the best every day. I'd be going back and looking at photos over and over.

If people see photos they like that have no comments or votes then they should comment and vote for them if they think they're worth it.

How do people get their photos seen? By commenting on other photos. And yes, sometimes they use votes to get votes in return but that is a small minority of people.

If someone wanted to they could start a topic called "Fantastic Photographers on Pbase" or whatever and add galleries they think are worth mentioning in there and then post a link with their PAD photo or recent upload. That might help get some people seen who otherwise wouldn't be.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I don't think it's broke. JMHO.

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Re: Voting For Galleries and Photos

Post Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:14 pm

Emily asked for suggestions and I was just going through the popular photos and I see now how the top images are dominated by one or two people.

Part of the problem as I see it is that you can only see 8 images per page. How many clickt to get to the lower rated photos which are excellent too? Too many for many people to persevere.

I read about a workaround for this a long time ago. You can type 100 in place of the 8 in the url and it will open many more photos per page. I wonder if it would be possible to implement a feature where you select how many you want to see per page. I think this would get a lot of unnoticed images visibility. As it is now, people are probably just voting for those on the first few pages which just keeps them on top.

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