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Retina Display - Coding to take advantage of

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:15 am
by vatorman
From what I understand Apple's retina display is basically more pixels in the same area. So what used to be, lets say an 800X800 pixel image, will look 'soft' on a retina display as it has to fill out that area with 640000 pixels. To see that same area on a retina displays 'retian' the image will need to be 1600X1600 or 2560000 pixels. The key point is the same area but quadruple the pixels.
So my question to PBase - Will there be coding to allow this?
Other web site developers are by, for example taking/uploading two versions of the same file - image.jpeg and imagex2.jpg. Image.jpeg is the 800X8000 (to continue the example) and imagex2.jpeg is 1600X1600. On a standard display one sees the 800 version in the prescribed area (square inches). On a retina display one will see the x2 version; covering the same area. More pixels same area - boom retina!

Re: Retina Display - Coding to take advantage of

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:07 pm
by dw_thomas
It appears to me the term "Retina" is mostly a marketing buzzword. It is true the pixels per unit area on a display so marked may be higher, but the same is generally true of any high resolution display vs some older, lower rez display. You could accomplish what you are describing by uploading a 1600x1600 image and Retina users could select 'Original' size, while we mere mortals could view as 'Large' and see an 800x800.

As far as I can see, a lot of small mobile devices are very high pixel density, but with small screens the total number of pixels is still relatively low. My iPhone 5C purports to have a "Retina" screen -- but it's 1136 x 640, and can barely display the typical 800x 600 photos I have up without scrolling; certainly the captions are squeezed offscreen.

I suppose the ideal thing would be for PBase to make the default "Large" maybe 1024 vs 800 and let browsers at the receiving end sort it out. It might be better perhaps to add that as an additional size option. I admit PBase is not very "mobile friendly," but so far I don't find phone-sized screens to be very interesting as photo viewers. Some of the somewhat larger tablets probably wouldn't be bad. There have been queries about making PBase more mobile friendly, but given the general response to problems, let alone enhancement requests, I won't hold my breath.