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Friends list & similar gallery linking.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 10:53 am
by roxics
I have a friend that uses pbase as well. Him and I go to the same events a lot and take similar pictures only he has one perspective and I have another. It would be nice if we could have a friends/buddy list on our pbase similar to favorite artist list but viewable to the public. The friends list could be in the profile. Kind of like how people have a friends list on livejournal if you've ever used that.

It would also be nice if we could link galleries. There could be a box in the gallery where it says (view similar galleries) with a list of usernames who have a similar gallery. Clicking on their name would take you to their similar gallery. Kind of an interpbase hyperlink system.

When you add or edit a gallery there could be a text field box where you submit the url's of similar galleries. They show up in your gallery as the persons username in a box under "view similar galleries". or "These artist have similar galleries".

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 8:16 am
by dalboz
Although I know it's not the same, you CAN put HTML code into your gallery description and link to your friend's gallery like that. I've seen people use this to link to websites a photo shoot was for, or the website of a band they photographed.

But I agree: I would love to see "My Favorite Galleries" lists made public so you could see what galleries your favorite photographer likes, etc. Maybe just use the public/private toggle as with galleries?