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I made a mess of my page and desperately need help

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:08 pm
by marga_dd
I made a mess of my rootpage :( :( :(
I tried to alter my page and specially made a trial gallery to work with (Just lik Luis Borruel suggested :) ).
But then, onfortunately, my rootpage was also open and I altered this page instead of my trialgallery. Stupid I know.

What is wrong: my text was in a column on the right of my slideshow and now it's under the slideshow and I can't get it back in place :(

Would somebody please be so kind to help me get it back as it was.

Thanks in advance

edit: I temporarily adjusted the page with my slideshow in the center and the text beneath it, but I want it back in the original state: slideshow left, textcolumn right.