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Help with style sheets etc

Post Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:15 am

Hi all i was wondering if anyone could please help me with a few questions i have. I have been a member on pbase for a few years now, BUT and a BIG BUT, i am not very computer tech talk savvy AT ALL. and im wanting to edit/ personalize my style sheet. if you take a moment to look at my current page ( it is very simple and plain, what id like to do is make it more appealing. something along the lines of this, (excuse me Shy Cohen for using your page as an example), ( please note im not after a "copy" of this page by any means im just using this as an example so people can tell me where to start.

Im thinking i'd like a Large centrally located image (so first how do i make an image larger than the "thumb nail" size and how do i centrally locate it)
Along with my name- Hubble photografix in larger Different font under it( how do i change the font style and size and location)
And thirdly i'd ultimately like a "photo banner header" BUT im starting to think this might be a little too hard first up for a novice.
Its basically a "front page" of sorts im after.... im more than happy with the "plain/standard" black style sheet i currently have for the content of my page, just that first impression to people of the "front page" i'd like to work on....

as i said before i am by far "computer talk" savvy so please bare with me and i do very much appreciate any information on this problem of mien.
Thanks again

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Re: Help with style sheets etc

Post Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:17 am

Hello, Hubble !
It’s rather easy to personalize the layout of your main page the way you’d like.
You have to create your own banner or a bigger images you want to use as decoration on the top of your gallery, then you upload these images in a gallery not visible publicly( but not password protected) which you might use to store all your banners and decorations for all your galleries in order to link to them.
Then you got in edit mode to your root gallery and in the case of the gallery description you write this code
Code: Select all
< center><img src=""></center>

Putting at the place of
the URL of your picture.
Then you validate and it will make your photo or banner appearing at the top of the galley.
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