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HTML for homepage

Post Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:27 pm

I am trying to make a nice homepage as such for my site.

I love the kind of look this member has.

Anyway anyone could tell me how what html would be needed to just
put something in white on top "Kristin Heusser Photography"
and then my six galleries in two rows the same size as his ...... three galleries above the three others?

Where is the CSS box anyway here?

If anyone knows I would just have to choose a font.

Thanks so much!!

Kris H

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Re: HTML for homepage

Post Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:18 am

Hello Kris,
I have already answered in this forum another question of yours, related with Pblog style template and the appearance it gives to thumbnail, but you didn’t let me know if my answer could be of help and if you had managed to apply the Pblog style as you wished.
As for the question on your homepage, I have given a look at the page you would like to have similar.
The Title on the top of the thumbnail is not made with CSS or HTML. It’s an image, a picture. I mean it’s an image made with any graphic program like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro.
You can do it the way you prefer, using the font you prefer keeping the background of the same colour of the background of your homepage and choosing the suitable dimension. Then you save the picture and then upload it on PBase in a gallery where you might keep the decoration images, and then all that remains to do is adding a link in the home page description.
Here you can see an example of the code for adding the title picture on the top of the home page gallery
Code: Select all
<center><img src="http://"></center>

Of course here I put at random the URL of one of your photos, while you should put the URL of the picture you have made for your title and you have uploaded somewhere in your PBase pages.

In order to have the thumbnails of six galleries in two row in your home page, go to the edit mode and you’ll see that in the case COLUMNS you have the option to choose how many columns of thumbnail you can display, so you write there 3 and you’ll have three thumbnails for every horizontal line.
Always in edit mode you can also choose the distance between thumbnails. Selecting the values you prefer in TABLE WIDTH, CELL SPACING and CELL PADDING.
As for the CSS box, always in edit mode, you can find the case STYLE SHEET from which you can either select one of default CSS offered by PBase or creating your own personalized one.
I hope it can help.
As I have already said, in case you needed you might contact em and I’ll be glad to help you if I can
"Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing."
~Oscar Wilde~

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Re: HTML for homepage

Post Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:18 pm


Thank you so much for all the information!!! I didnt get back to you right away re specifics because I hadnt been sure what I wanted until now.
Im new to Pbase so I think I only wrote you back a brief thanks here , didnt write to your individual box.

Thanks for all the specifics about how to do this. Im an a non tech dolt when it comes to this kind of stuff :) :)
Im not so fast in absorbing it so it could take some time for me to do this.

I really need to take classes in all this! Thanks again.
If you dont hear more from me immediately just means Im just figuring this much out.


Kris H

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Re: HTML for homepage

Post Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:06 pm


I know I am soo slow getting on this... just been busy.
Another question if I may, every time I have attempted a homepage here and otherwise
I see "stretchy effect" if you know what I mean by that. If one is on a larger monitor
the image rather than keeping its original size, stretches across the page. and looks distorted.
Some sites I dont see this one. How does one eliminate this? There must be a way because not all sites have this
problem. Ive had this conversation with endless people but never have come to any resolution.
Do you know how this can be dealt with?

Thanks much!
Kris H

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