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Post Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:11 pm

I'm visiting the Fort William area with my family later this year and would like to know if anyone has any photos of the area they would like to share. I am looking for ideas and inspiration, so I can hopefully get some good shots of my own. Any hints and tips on where to go would be advantageos too. Thankyou.

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Post Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:00 pm

I visited this area in July 2007 and have to say that it was a fantastic holiday.

We went to Glen Nevis, Glencoe (were we were soaked through to our skin and luckily offered a lift back to the bus stop by a friendly lady out on a run with her dog) and we also took the cable car to the top of the mountain next to Ben Nevis. All of these places are easy to get to (we managed it without a car), offered stunning, but very different views and are probably the highlights of the area.

Make sure you take a walk along the edge of Loch Linnhie which is across the road from most of the hotels, I took some fantastic pictures of old disused boats and foggy mountains just two minutes from my hotel.

My main advice would be lookout for highland cattle, they make great photos and expect lots and lots of rain.

Here's some photos taken with my old Casio compact, if this link doesn't work (which it sometimes doesn't if you're not signed up to snapfish) I think you can e-mail someone a link which might work if you want to look at them

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