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Moving galleries

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Moving galleries

Post Thu Jan 20, 2022 9:41 pm

Two galleries have copied themselves to another gallery. Wondering why that happened.

My "Let's Stop For a Bite" gallery now starts with two non-related galleries. Is there a safe way to remove them and leave them in their original spots?

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Re: Moving galleries

Post Mon Jan 31, 2022 3:24 am

Not sure how they got there, but I believe if you edit the content of the gallery where you don't want them, you will see those galleries among the images, as sub-galleries.

As I understand it (always a bit dubious -- I do NOT work for PBase!), copying a selected gallery (A) to another gallery (B) simply adds a link between gallery (A) and gallery (B). The actual image files are not copied to any new location. That means if you edit the destination gallery (B), what appears to be a copy of the original selected gallery (call it C) will show in the contents. If you delete gallery (C) there it dissolves the (A)--(B) link, but leaves the original selected gallery (A) intact. My confidence in this notion is shaky enough I would strongly advise making sure you have copies of the image files (and perhaps the captions and such too) of the original gallery A before chopping.

If you try to walk down the through the invaded gallery and open the unwanted gallery (C), deleting individual images there will cause the images to disappear in both locations (A) and (C). That I'm pretty confident of, so you definitely only want to delete the complete unwanted "child gallery" (C) from an edit of the "parent gallery" (B).

It would be nice if there was some easy way to examine a gallery -- say (H) and see that oh yeah, it has links to gallery (Q) and gallery (K), but I don't see any hints of that.

(If an image is copied into multiple galleries, at the 'Edit image' level, the 'Delete image' function has a pull-down that shows what galleries the image is tied to. That allows deleting one instance of the image from a gallery without disturbing the others.)

Good luck!

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