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Post Fri Aug 08, 2003 6:05 pm

I don't like the Hits feature because it merely gives you the number of hits on yr. site without telling you where viewers came from & what they were searching for when they found you.

Does anyone use an independent site stat feature on their site? If so, how does it work for you? I use Bravenet on my blog & it's pretty good. I'm thinking about installing it on my pbase site.

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Post Sat Aug 09, 2003 5:40 am

I installed Nedstat Basic on my pbase pages. I also use this stat site for my homepage. It's easy to install and I get all informations I want.


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Post Thu Aug 14, 2003 6:49 am

I use both Nedstat Basic and free web counter. I had to put some scripting on each gallery pages, but It doesn't count any of the individual photo's - just the gallerys. It would be far too much work to add this script to every photo.

You can see the results of the Nedstat couter by clicking the little icon at the top/left of any of my galleries, it should show the same thing that I see.

Nedstat is excellent, as it shows where people came from to reach my gallery, and even shows individual cities that viewers are from. It's one bad point is that it always counts your own IP address, which is terribly innacurate of cause. is a slow sight, but has some other features that nedstat doesn't, like listing clearly your most viewed gallery's in a list.

What I find interesting is the complete difference in Country views between the two counters. Even though I started them both around the same time, they have absolutely nothing in common between each other's list... weird.

What I would really like, is to be able to use a proper web counter, that uploads the weblog from Slugs server, but I don't think this is possible (Is it slug?)

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