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Frequently Asked Feature Requests [last update: 13-Aug-2006]

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Frequently Asked Feature Requests [last update: 13-Aug-2006]

Post Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:58 am

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This is a sticky post of all frequently asked feature requests. The
list will be updated as and when more requests are made or implemented.
The aim is to have a central place to refer to and check for previously
asked feature requests.

This thread is locked so new comments are not possible. Feel free to start
another thread in the forum to air your requests and discuss them.

Latest change - Removed request 19.


2. Ability to let others upload pictures to your gallery, the access being
controlled by a user defined password. (status - available upon request)

3. Owner alerted by email when comment is made for a gallery or picture.
(status - being worked on)

4. Zipped downloading of galleries, including the small, medium and large

5. Ability to use CSS at the user profile page to customize look and feel.

8. Give user the ability to disable the "Random Picture" feature on profile page?
(status - possible by emailing )

9. Ability to enable JavaScript to disable right click (*controversial*).

10. Let user know if he is in someone else's favourite artist list.

12. Automated and user defined watermark text added to 'original version of each
uploaded image.

13. Trace the source of direct links to images.

14. IP address and time is logged from someone who leaves a comment
in the guestbook/gallery

17. Ability to set a default viewing size for your images, either gallery or
user account wide.

18. Ability to set default details to be used for image details, like "artist",
"camera body".

20. Subdomains instead of subdirectories for paid members.

21. Ability to let a viewer order prints of photos. (status - on the way)

22. Support for XMP data format in addition to EXIF.

24. Ability to upload to user accounts using FTP or other GUI based upload softwares.

25. UTF-8 support for Pbase's HTML.

30. Ability to reset pageview counters of any/all galleries at one centralised place.

31. Show number of images in the gallery on the edit page. Currently
we have to go to "tree view" to see the number of images.

32. Permit row breaks in the galleries or "column wise" orientation
of images.

33. Complete list of films.

34. Display larger image in the image edit page.

35. Provide a download tool allowing to save all captions.

36. Drag-and-drop from file system when uploading pics to gallery.

37. Reextract EXIF info from reuploaded images.

---------------8<------Completed Requests-------------8<----------------
1. Password protected galleries to keep them private.

6. Remove pictures in 'non-public' galleries or non-public images from
being shown in the random photos on the profile page.

7. Prevent listing of non-public galleries in recently updated list (site wide
and user section).

11. Make the "Favourite artist" list of users more open and accessible by
other users.

15. Ability to delete the larger sizes of the images and leaving only the
small and medium.

16. Compresssion tool to shrink your already uploaded images using a
higher compression rate.

19. Slideshow feature for galleries.

23. Display the account space that a user has paid for, along with the
statistics on the usage, in the profile.

26. Choice of 'padlock picture' for passkey protected galleries.

27. Provide choices for how posts to user's "Guestbook" can be controlled. Maybe
in ways similar to how posts to gallery comments can be controlled.

28. List the correct links to be used for direct linking an image, in its edit's page.
Check the forum post for example of what it would look like.

29. Ability to change the order of pics listed in gallery - order of upload, reverse order of
upload, date of shot, reverse date of shot etc.

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