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I did my homework...

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I did my homework...

Post Sat Sep 25, 2004 5:59 am

Two days ago this message was posted to the
Sticky: Basic HTML codes for PBASE galleries:
gary777 wrote:could you post examples of how to change font size and color?

So I decided to do my homework. Took me two days, but here I am.
I decided to asnwer that question in my limitated experience trying to explain what I´ve learn about CSS, Colors and Stylesheets in PBASE. This answer will have three parts: (a) General Comments, (b) Some Examples, and (c) Extra Useful Stuff. I´ll try to do my best using english.

a) General Comments

The best way for me to learn how to use CSS is to download FIREFOX wich is free (HERE for example). It contains a special feature that allow us to make instant changes on any stylesheet. My opinion is this is a very good way to learn & to explore, & to make mistakes, so this is just excellent. It need to be complemented with some extra reading around internet and this forums but if you ask me it is a must if you´re starting.

In deed I knew about this tool in a forum right here:
FORUM: Useful tool for working with HTML/CSS by Alan Grant. Be sure to read that after taking the decisition.

b) Some Examples

The original question was about color, so here we go... I did an image with some references about color in a personal stylesheet (wich was a modification from Nigel Pond, a.k.a ukexpat).
The image itself it very big, huge, and it contains references between the code itself and some colors and objects in the gallery visualisation.
The image can be seen here:
-ORIGINAL size (recommened)
You can download the image to your pc by saving this Direct Link.
The CSS itself can be viewed click HERE

c) Extra Useful Stuff

1. I decided to create a small library to show some extra codes modificated by me. The original idea is to colaborate with the exposition of the users around PBase since a stylesheet is ALSO a part of the gallery lookj (at least that´s my point of view). This little gallery can be found Here. I know some things might not be perfect; I´ll try to do my best next time. Hopefully It will help the community to learn more about CSS, so then somebody else will be able to explain me & others more stuff...

2. Arjun Roychowdhury made some very useful images that help us to understand some CSS classes around PBase. The first image help us to learn about gallery pages (Click Here), and the second image help us to learn about the image page (Click Here).

3. I did upload a special chart (wich is included in the huge image about colors) that might help us to understand something about hexadecimal codes, wich is a way to specify colors for the objects around our galleries.
You can see it HERE.

4. It is best to learn with the stylesheets of people that use validators. The reason is that those stylesheets are "cleaner" so using them to learn is best. As an example try these folks stylesheets: Srijith, Arjun R., Alan Grant, Nigel P. or Webdev (the ultimate challenge)... those just as an example, because there are a lot of cool guys/girls around (hopefully you won´t take it as a violation of your stuff guys). If you use these guys codes be sure to tell that in your stylesheet.

Uf... I hope this help us. I put so many links on this post that some will think that I want to take some attention... wrong. All I want is to enjoy a better PBase, with more things that can help us to make better presentations/expositions for our pictures.

Hope this helps.
If I wrote/did something wrong please somebody tell me!
As you can track on this forums I´m just learning things about CSS

Matias, Chile
Matias, Chile -
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Post Sat Sep 25, 2004 9:26 pm

Wow... I'm way too lazy to spend a lot of time on trying to locate info about this. This information and the links are great! Thank you very much for helping us out here, Matias!

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Post Sat Sep 25, 2004 9:48 pm

Be my guest... for some strange reason some of your pictures page have some problems with the title using my CCS2... I don´t have a clue why...
Matias, Chile -
Resources, HOWTOs, Samples and more! -

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Post Fri Nov 05, 2004 8:15 am

Great thread thank you for posting this.

I just started building my site from scratch again but I would like to find a layout I like first so thanks this is certainly a big help.

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